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After the Rain, December 1, 2016

After the Rain, December 1, 2016

This is what I wrote in my Newsletter on December 1st. I’m passing it on to you, my blog readers, so that you’ll know that I won’t be posting for the rest of this month.

Oh my gosh, it’s December 1st, and with Thanksgiving and all the holiday preparations, I haven’t written anything ahead of time for this newsletter as I usually do.

I do have news, though. And that is that I’ve decided to take the month of December off from the internet. I will not post any blog posts until January. I’ve gotten overwhelmed and lost in the drama and emotional results of the election. I need time to find myself again and reconnect with my muse and spirit. I want to concentrate on positive things and prepare myself should political holy hell break loose after the inauguration.

I will be checking my emails and reading blog posts, and if something of interest shows up, especially on writing and books, I’ll post it on my author page on Facebook and on Twitter. I will send my next newsletter of January 1st, and my first blog post of 2017 on January 3rd.

I send you warm wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday season, and may the New Year bring us all together so that our world will be a gentle place where we can all live in love, safety and peace.

“We’re always in some kind of mood. It might be sadness, it might be anger, it might be not much of anything, just a kind of blur. It might be humor or contentment. In any case, whatever it is, that’s the path.

When something hurts in life, we don’t usually think of it as our path or as the source of wisdom. In fact, we think that the reason we’re on the path is to get rid of this painful feeling. In this way, we naively cultivate a subtle aggression against ourselves. However, the fact is that anyone who has used the moments, days, and years of his or her life to become wiser, kinder, and more at home in the world has learned from what’s happening right now. We can aspire to be kind right in the moment, to relax and open our heart and mind to what is in front of us right in the moment. Now is the time. If there’s any possibility for enlightenment, it’s right now, not at some future time.” -Pema Chodron

We writers count of reviews of our books as a way spread the word and get our thoughts and feelings out into the world. If you have read or are about to read my book, SCATTERING ASHES, A Memoir of Letting Go, please leave an honest review of it on Amazon. It’s very easy to do, and can be just a few words. I’d really appreciate it.


  1. Happy holidays Joan. Relax and rejuvenate. I will be taking off myself the month of February and hope to have your wonderful book read by then. Of course, I’ll review. 🙂 Enjoy.

  2. Thanks, Debby, Happy Holidays to you too. And enjoy your month of rest in February!

  3. I’m not far behind you Joan. I go back and forth between needing self-care and wanting to help others find their way through the craziness. This has hit me hard as well and I’ve been battling a resurgence of PTSD symptoms since. I just today realized that the reason why I haven’t been able to write is because I’ve been in survival mode and the wrong part of my brain is in charge for the creative process. It helps to understand these things, but it doesn’t always make the process easier. I think you are very wise to take a break, even though I’ll miss you while you’re gone. Take good care. We will all get through this one way or another.

  4. Thanks, Dorothy. Yes we are walking this bumpy path together. My PTSD also kicked in and the only way around it and to stay sane is constant self-care. It is making it a lot easier for me to simply be without demands and listening to the news. I’m feeling a hell of a lot better.