Marching, Listening, With Love

Due to a severe crowd phobia and legs that are unable to support me for hours on end, I did not march in Washington or Charlottesville last Saturday. I did however march through my neighborhood to honor all of my friends and relatives who went to towns and cities around the world to let their voices be heard. My spirit walked beside those who marched for unity, love, equality, truth, freedom, and non-duality. My spirit walked beside those suffering from war, poverty, hatred, hunger, disrespect, and for those who can not see. I walked and prayed to end the idea of the the good versus the bad, Republicans versus Democrats, men versus women, and those who hate because not everyone is on their side.

I am disturbed by the idea of the “Other.” Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, white, brown, black, yellow, straight, gay, trans, rich, poor, pro-lifers, pro-choicers, male, female. We really are all one. I’ve watched polarity and negativity growing on Facebook, Twitter, and on the streets, among those who had at one time seemed to be united in their cause. For months fear and hysteria have gripped our nation. I was there along with everyone else.

Now that the deed has been done, and Donald Trump is the new president, we’re still breathing, we’re still alive, and we still live in the best country on earth, on the bluest, most sparkly planet in the Universe. That, however, does not mean that all will be well. Climate change will still happen, some people will still hate one another, many will continue to worship money, and few of us will agree with everyone else all of the time.

There is a huge amount of work to be done. Being kind, taking care of ourselves as well as those who stand next to us, speaking out, making phone calls, signing petitions, and writing letters are some of the things we can do.

Since seeing the turnout on Saturday, I feel better about the future of our country. I will work to respect everyone’s individuality and belief systems. I will work to look beyond my own prejudices and look at what is best for all of us. I will work at being loving and kind even when I don’t see eye-to-eye with those around me.


Delightful News




I know I said I’d not be posting here this month, but the exciting news that I’ve been included in Modern Creative Life’s Annual Anthology: 2016, got me off my butt to let you know about it.

Happy Holidays to you all!

What More Can Be Said?

img_1239To write, or not to write? That is the question. Is there more that can be said about what today means for we the people of the US of A? Except for one blog post, in the very beginning of this possible devastation, I’ve remained quiet and doing my best to stay positive. And how can one not be positive during the peak season of trees surrounding us with their magnificent colors?

I’m filled with excitement that we could have the first woman president in the history of this country. But I also fear the possibility of a loss. And then what?

Hopefully, by tomorrow morning. we’ll know more about the fate of this country and it will be good news.

All I can say is that Bill and I voted very early this morning, then went out for breakfast and clicked our cups of caffeine together in hopes of a win.

All I can say is, PLEASE VOTE. If you don’t make your choice known who can you blame if it doesn’t go your way?

Until next Tuesday, have a good week, and like I already said, PLEASE VOTE! We’re all in this together.



Finding Forgiveness

My mother and me, many years ago.

My mother and me, many years ago.

Yes, I’m here a day early to let you know I’ve written a guest blog post for Kathy Pooler here.

Kathy is the author of the memoir, Ever Faithful To His Lead, about domestic abuse and how she climbed out from under it.  She has been a major support for me during the writing and publishing process. I couldn’t have done it without her and the others who have cheered me on.

Tomorrow, on my books official birthday,  I will be back with another a link to another guest blog post.

Revisiting Days Gone By

An old family photo of me with my brothers, Reid and Zed. That my mother in the background.

An old family photo of me with my brothers, Reid and Zed. That is my mother in the background.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been looking back through old blog posts lately. The main reason was because I have a very busy writing schedule for the next month or so doing some guest posts along with keeping up with my weekly posts here and my monthly newsletter. I thought going way back in time would bring up an interesting post or two that I could reblog. It would save me time and and the effort of coming up with new idea to write about.

Well, it kind of backfired. It’s been at least a year or two since I looked through those ancient posts. I’m in a very different place than I was when I wrote them and even when I last perused them. I believe that it has to do with aging and the changes occurring within and without my mind and body. I’ve become fascinated with the way I used to think and how the aging process brings about those changes.

One of those changes is my reaction to places I go to or have been to. A year or two ago I noticed that whenever I went to our local multiplex movie theater and walked through the doors, I felt as though I’m on another planet. The the high ceilings from which loud rock music bounces, and the larger than life posters advertising headache inducing, sci-fi, fantasy, shoot em up bang-bang, car chase, and dystopian themes are gut wrenching for me. And the game room off to the side often exudes the sound of gun violence, making it even worse. Even when I go to see something quiet and dramatic or funny, the million trailer’s they show are for movies I’d never go to see in a million years.The turned up volume of those trailers has forced me to remove my hearing aids and plug my ears with my fingers. When I go there now to catch a flick that is not playing elsewhere, I feel that if this is my beloved, blue planet, Earth, then I’d best be getting off as soon as possible. Needless to say I don’t go there often.

Fortunately, we have a much smaller multiplex theater with large, comfortable, cushioned seats, and much smaller viewing rooms. Some have only six rows, seating as few as thirty people. And all of the smaller rooms have wonderful recliners where you can put your feet up, lean back, and be really comfy. Fortunately, I have not yet fallen asleep in them. You can also order a salad, pizza, beer, or wine to take in with you. Along with a few noisy, pop culture films, they show a great selection of independent and foreign films which are my cup of tea. They show only a few trailers and they are similar in nature to the film I’ve come to see, and though a tad louder than the feature film  the sound level is manageable for me.

I’ve found that journeying into past blog posts isn’t saving me any time at all. I get all caught up in what I wrote ten years ago and what it all meant at the time. Then I think about what more I can add from a different perspective. It’s huge fun and I’m delighting in learning more about myself and where I’ve been and where I am now. I will continue to revisit old posts from time to time and share my observations with you.

I suddenly understand what the older folks in my young life used to tell me, when they said, “I don’t understand this younger generation. I’m too old for this stuff.”