What More Can Be Said?

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img_1239To write, or not to write? That is the question. Is there more that can be said about what today means for we the people of the US of A? Except for one blog post, in the very beginning of this possible devastation, I’ve remained quiet and doing my best to stay positive. And how can one not be positive during the peak season of trees surrounding us with their magnificent colors?

I’m filled with excitement that we could have the first woman president in the history of this country. But I also fear the possibility of a loss. And then what?

Hopefully, by tomorrow morning. we’ll know more about the fate of this country and it will be good news.

All I can say is that Bill and I voted very early this morning, then went out for breakfast and clicked our cups of caffeine together in hopes of a win.

All I can say is, PLEASE VOTE. If you don’t make your choice known who can you blame if it doesn’t go your way?

Until next Tuesday, have a good week, and like I already said, PLEASE VOTE! We’re all in this together.




  1. I rang the same bell on my blog a few weeks ago and have voted since: https://plainandfancygirl.com/2016/10/12/heart-on-fire-guess-whos-voted-for-president/

    Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Stanton and others have fought long and hard for women’s suffrage. What an affront to pass up the privilege.

  2. Done! Fingers and toes crossed Joan

  3. Joan — I’m still stunned at the outcome and slowly trying to make my way through what this means for the wonderfully diverse, individual people of our country.

  4. Me too, Laurie. It’s tragic. Yesterday I was in mourning, today I’m angry. So goes the road to acceptance and rolling up sleeves to do what can be done.

  5. It’s been a few days, and I’m still stunned. We spent a great deal of time at a family gathering today discussing the election and what might happen now.

    • Joan Rough says:

      Yes, Merril, we’re all stunned. I have been unable to say much but today I finally broke through and will be posting tomorrow on the effects this all has had on me.