Meet Max

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IMG_0652I can’t help myself.  Today is the day I usually post a quote that inspires me.  But we’ve a new member of the family and just can’t wait to introduce him to you.  If you haven’t read this blog before you need to know that I love dogs. There are many posts to check out here if you do, too.

Just over a week ago we lost our dog, Brody, to pneumonia.  My family, the people who took such good care of him at day care every Thursday, and Brody’s veterinarian team were all devastated.  He had lived with us for only six weeks and I could not understand how I would be able to go on without filling the enormous hole he left in my heart.

My very kind and sensitive dog trainer friend, Karen, sent me a picture of a picture of Max and so began the task of my beginning to come to terms with what I now understand to be part of my job description in this life.  I was an abused child. I find it comforting and necessary to take in small abused and abandoned dogs. That does not mean that I stop grieving for all of those gentle souls who have shared their time with me.  There will always be cracks and crevices in my heart through which sorrow and tears will seep when I think of them.

This new little guy in named Max and he came to live with us this past Sunday.  He weighs in at about thirteen pounds and is mostly, if not all, a Shih Tzu. He lived with a single mom and her two kids.  One day she decided she’d had enough and packed up the kids and the dog and dropped them off at her mother’s house.  He was turned into a shelter because the kid’s grandmother couldn’t take care of the children and the dog, too.

Max hadn’t been clipped for a good long time and was covered with mats and infested with fleas.  The caring folks at the Louisa Humane Society, took him from the shelter. They had him shaved down to his skin and put him in a foster home until he could be adopted out.  His foster parents took great care of him and were kind and generous to be able to give him up.  I would not have been able to.

IMG_0632He is a sweetheart of a dog. Gentle, quiet, and he loves to cuddle more than anything else.  He and Sam are beginning to make friends and Lily, who tried to avoid him altogether, has finally given in.  Just this morning I found her rubbing up against Max, the way cats do to mark their belongings and territory.

Yesterday, Max passed his test at doggie day care with flying colors.  I took him in for a brief visit where he was introduced to a number of other dogs to make sure he won’t cause trouble in the big day care pack.  Tomorrow will find him there, mostly following big brother, Sam, around and figuring out the ins and outs of day care.

He’s been sleeping at night in a crate since he’s been here, but at 5:30 this morning he woke me, asking to be let outside.  When he returned instead of going back into the crate, he jumped up on the bed and curled up next to me under the covers.  Uh-0h!  I wonder where he’ll want to sleep tonight.  Although I prefer that he sleep in the crate, (Sleeping with dogs in the summer time can get overly warm.) he just might get the best of me.IMG_0630


  1. He’s so cute and he looks so snug under those covers that I think you’re going to lose the crate/bed negotiation! I love the photograph of him on the leafy rug too – he looks lilke a canine politician.

  2. Ah, and that is the joy of cats. Mine sleeps on me in the winter when she thinks it’s cold. (She’s a baby). As the weather warms up, she moves further and further away–first next to me, then the foot of the bed, then on some other surface. On hot nights, I would bet she’s sleeping on the other side of the room somewhere.

    I’m glad you have a wonderful new friend.

    • Thanks Ashana. Yes cats are a completely different endeavor. We have only one cat at the moment, but had three at one time. They kept me busy.

  3. You know I think shih tzus are fabulous, and Max has that same glint in his eye as my Magic does. He will help fill the hole Brody left in your hearts and home.

  4. Thanks Becca, he already is helping to fill the void.

  5. Bless you, Joan – Another dog whisperer! I would do the same thing – Why not? We are their only hope!

    • Thanks Patti! I would encourage every person to rescue an animal if they can. There are even rescue groups for purebreds that have been abused or abandoned by their previous owners. It is an act of kindness and so rewarding to help give a good life to a dog, cat, rabbit, or a guinea pig who needs it.

  6. So happy that Max has arrived. He does have a glint in the eye. Lucky him and lucky you.

  7. Yes, we’re all lucky. He loves the grandkids and every one who walks through the door. A very sweet little guy?