Change Is In The Air

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It’s September, that time of year when I breathe deeply and am especially happy that the days ahead will be cooler. The dog wood trees are the first to begin turning their foliage from a verdant green to a rusty red and their berries are ready for picking by hungry birds.

Today when I took my morning walk a strong breeze out of the north began shaking tree limbs and old, dried out yellow leaves at the end of their life span fell all around me.  It was lovely.

Here is a poem I wrote a while back to to honor this special month.


That yellow bus is back
all shiny and clean
beeping ‘round the circle
every morning at eight
then again in afternoon
Monday through Friday

I recall chalk dust days
blue gingham stained with chocolate
climbing trees and jump rope
books whispering dreams

Hours slip away
dropped stitches
in a Christmas sweater
I’ve been knitting for years
return to every fall
rows of raveled days
purled again to perfection




  1. Audrey Denecke says:

    My first visit here. Thank you for your beautifully written poem. As I have enjoyed the recent posts showing nieces and nephews as well as great-nieces and nephews on their first days of pre-school, first grade and those returning to school for educational experiences in later grades. I too remember the yellow buses of my youth. There is something about September that brings a new energy and a desire to re-commit to or establish goals.
    Your sunflowers photo brings to mind happy, hopeful times. It is my hope that we all find this September a time of renewal and continued learning.
    p.s. Grateful to have come across your posts at NAMW and on Laurie B’s blog site!

    • Joan Rough says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Audrey. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. September is by far my favorite month. Not only does it bring me new energy, it’s also a time to slow down a bit and see where we’ve been and where to go next. Please do stop by again.

  2. Joan, I feel very similarly about September. We’re in the 90s here today, but I trust fall is on its way! I always crave that cooler weather and all things fall. Lovely poem & images!

    • Thanks for your kind words, Jill. I’m glad you liked the photos and poem. It’s 90 here today too. It’s supposed to get humid and hotter the rest of the week. We need rain badly.

  3. I love September, too, Joan. Even a hint of Fall puts a smile on my face. Lovely poem.

  4. Joan Rough says:

    Me too, Kathy. The next few days here are going to be in the 90’s with high humidity. 🙁
    But it’s coming!

  5. Joan — Clearly, your next book HAS to be a book of poems!

  6. Yes, I insist: A book of poetry and art. Based on your book, Joan, art is the safety valve for pain – if that makes sense.

    Last September I wrote a post with Van Gogh, a poem, and apple slices:

    Yellow buses, bright sunflowers: You cheered me up!

  7. Lovely poem, Joan! Our spring has begun here in Australia and there are many trees & early flowers in bloom. I love spring, but not so much the summer that will follow. Where I live, we don’t have the well-defined autumn that you do. I would love to see the leaves falling & making a carpet of golds and reds. I really love your poem – very evocative.

    • Thanks so much, Linda. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem. If you ever decide to go north of the equator to see autumn, go to New England, especially, Vermont and New Hampshire for the show of a lifetime. It’s pretty nice herein Virginia too, but not as spectacular. I also love spring and feel the same way you do about summer. Here I am getting relief from the heat and you’re just getting ready for it.