Being Thankful

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We are moved into our new home. We aren’t quite settled but that will come soon enough. Max rides the elevator with us without qualms. Poor Lilli the cat, escaped out the door twice, but came back quickly once she realized that she’s in a different place and there might be monsters who hate cats around every tree and shrub.

We still have workmen around doing last minute touchups and hopefully they’ll be gone very soon. Our main floor is the most settled and in the evenings we enjoy lazing in front of the gas fireplace knowing we’ve worked hard and long to unpack more boxes. We are still purging. Figuring out what we have space for is continuing, sometimes with a twinge of regret, but we get over it quickly and are thankful for what we do have.

We’re extremely happy and feeling much lighter as we find our way into living with less. I do miss my big studio, but once the new one is unpacked I know I’ll be ready to get back to work.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
I’m grateful for all of you and am happy your part of my world.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    I know you must be so relieved.
    When we moved into our condo it took about a year for us to get settled and really feel Home.
    Enjoy your lovely new place.

  2. Thanks, Becca. I know it’s going to take time to get completely settled, but I love this place already! Happy Turkey Day!!

  3. The Incredible Lightness of Being where you are now. Yay!

    The hardest part is behind you. Now you can unpack and purge a few more things at your leisure. Happy Thanksgiving . . . much to be thankful for. 🙂

    • Joan Rough says:

      Yes, the hardest is done. And yes, still purging. It’s all good! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Your new place is beautiful, Joan, so open and airy. I can sense the lightness you mention. Wishing you and Bill much happiness in your new cozy “nest”. HappyThanksgiving, my friend.

    • Joan Rough says:

      The same to you, dear Kathy! I hope you’ve had a grand day with all of your family.

      We’re loving this new space. Being able to simplify feels so very good!

  5. Love this glimpse into your new space. Glad your heart is singing and that Max and Lilli are adjusting too. Hugs.

    • Joan Rough says:

      Hugs right back to you, Shirley. I hope that once you’re back in ole Virginia, you’ll come see it for yourself.

  6. Marcia Mabee says:

    Your new home looks just lovely! And I am so glad you are happy in it.

  7. Marcia Mabee says:

    Your new home looks just lovely! And I am so glad you are happy in it.

  8. Your home shouts “Joan” — Warm and welcoming!

  9. Joan, it must feel great to be settling into your new home (which looks wonderful, by the way!) Glad to hear how your animal companions are doing, too. I’m thrilled to hear that you are feeling lighter (that is how I felt after I moved, too!). Wishing you the best as you continue to settle in. 🙂

    • Joan Rough says:

      It does feel great, though we still have a few issues that our contractor seems to forgetting about. But he’s promised it’ll happen soon. And it’s looking even better than it was a week ago. Still working on getting my studio organized but that will also be finished soon. Thanks for stopping by.