Already Naked

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“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.  You are already naked.  There is no reason not to follow your heart.”  Steve Jobs

DSC00761Just over a week ago we had fifteen inches of snow on the ground.  This past weekend we had two gorgeous days, both near seventy degrees. The warmth and sunshine was heart warming after what has seemed like a long, cold, and dreary winter.  Although it sounds like there may be more snow in our future for next weekend, I know spring is on it’s way.

My cat, Lily, was the first to inform me. She has spent most of winter cozied up inside on the couch, only going out to use her favorite flowerbed as her kitty pan.  Just before the big snow, she started her warm weather routine of going out, coming in, going out, coming in, and going out again. She’s constantly at the door or at the window outside our dining room asking for our attention in manning the doors.  And even the snow didn’t stop her.  She tells me that spring’s arrival is guaranteed. Soon. She is much more optimistic than that groundhog, Phil.

I’ve also noticed the build up of the chorus of bird song when I go out for my morning walks with the dogs.  Almost silent just a few weeks ago, the sunrise is taking on music and  it will crescendo into it’s full blown glory as the days grow longer and warmer.  Yesterday I noticed a lawn up the street abloom with tiny lavender croci. Daffodils are poking their sleepy heads above ground, gaining strength and energy as they inch toward the glow of the sun.

And I’ve taken on a new glow myself.  After my last post about loss and grieving, an internet friend, Debra Marrs, sent me the quote above. I’ve spent the last week contemplating its meaning and feeling myself beginning to recharge and get ready for an audacious spring.  I’m certainly helped by the lengthening of daylight hours. I’m now ready to great the sunrise and be outside at around 6:40 AM and am reveling in the added time in the evening to watch the sun sink beyond earth’s edge.  My energy levels are moving upward and now that the work on our house is about done, (They promise today will be the last day) my interest in finishingmy book is growing.  No one ever told me that these last chapters just might be the hardest to write, but the words are flowing again and I just might find my way out of my thicket of thoughts in a timely way. I’m seriously considering going to a creative non-fiction writing conference in May, the first in many years, as a way to get myself primed for what’s next in getting my memoir onto bookstore shelves.

During the dark time of winter, especially when it’s cold, I find it easy for me to sit back and fall into my old patterns of not feeling good enough … that I’ll never get the book done or published … and if I do get that far, no one will care to read it.  But hey, that quote above sent me a reminder.  I’m already naked.   What do I have to lose?

So tell me, is spring on its way in your neck of the woods?  And what do you have to lose if you ignore your biggest dream?DSCF0989


  1. Joan, I feel such life in this post. The sap is rising! I feel it too. We rode our bikes to Kline’s ice cream stand on Sunday. I even took my jacket off on the ride home. Spring is coming.

    Those last chapters and final edits nearly killed me, too. But I can testify that the pain, the doubts, the rewrites are all worthwhile. Each of the valleys is necessary to climb the mountain. I know you are on the climb. Will love to accompany and celebrate. I can tell you that the book tours are much more fun than the final chapters of writing! 🙂

  2. Shirley, Thanks so much for your wonderful words of encouragement. Yes, the sap is rising and todays little bits of snow drifting about are not about to drive me underground again. I’d love for you to accompany and celebrate with me! xo

  3. ” She tells me that spring’s arrival is guaranteed. Soon. She is much more optimistic than that groundhog, Phil.”

    I like Miss Lily — she sound like my kinda gal!

  4. Wise cat. I think many people are longing for spring this year. While we did not have any snow (thankfully, I do not miss those New England winters) it’s been a very wet and stormy season on the British Isles and I am so ready for warm sunshine and longer days. Good luck with the continued up-spirit for finishing your book!

  5. Kerstin, I’ve been following your weather and sure hope it will get better soon. I can not imagine the amount of rain you’ve been having. I send wishes for warm, sunny days and days that grow longer to you. It will be spring soon!